Get Soft & Natural Curls Without Air-Drying

Want the easiest, softest, sexiest hair? Then leave it (almost) alone! Air-drying used to be what you did when you were lazy or running late. Now it has a method and a goal: casual bends, loose waves and cool, unaffected curls. Get Soft & Natural Curls Without Air-Drying with these quick tips for different hair types.

Get Soft & Natural Curls Without Air-Drying (1)

How To Air-Dry

Start by blotting just-washed hair with a 100% cotton towel or T-shirt (terry cloth can produce frizz). Plan on at least an hour for fine hair to dry and three for thick hair. Then tend to your hair a little as it dries to prevent knotting.

If Your Hair Is Straight

If you want to achieve a natural curls, start with mousse, then tuck your hair behind your ears as it dries. You can leave it at that or, to get even more bends, divide your hair into four sections and twist each away from your face. The more you re-twist as it dries, the more pronounced the waves will be.

If Your Hair Is Kinky

Saturate wet hair with a rich styling cream, then twirl small sections of your hair tightly with your fingers. Once it’s dry, gently pull the coils apart for definition, adding more styling cream if needed.

Get Soft & Natural Curls Without Air-DryingIf Your Hair Is Wavy

Work a light smoothing cream through your hair, then divide into two sections and loosely plait. Undo the plaits before they’re fully dry. That loosens up the waves so that they don’t become crimped. If they do end up too tight, mist with a little water and they’ll loosen up.

Another way: twist hair into a top knot and secure with bobby pins, leaving the last 7cm free. The ends of wavy hair get way too curly if you tuck them in to a bun.

If Your Hair Is Curly

Work in mousse, then put your hair in a high ponytail secured with a soft hair scrunchie. This pulls up the roots to stretch out the curl, and the scrunchie won’t leave a dent.

As with wavy hair, you can also braid or twist it into two sections. Start with wet hair and use alcohol-free, water-based mousse as this kind won’t damage curls or make them crunchy.

How To Fix Mistakes

If your hair dried unevenly, mist a hairspray on your roots for volume.

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