Makeup Blunders That Are Making You Look Tired

Makeup Blunders That Are Making You Look Tired

Makeup Blunders That Are Making You Look Tired

Makeup is one of the items in the modern woman’s toolkit to look good. However, it can also have the reverse effect! Here are some Makeup Blunders you need to know:

Prep You Skin

The key to looking fresh and hydrated is to start makeup on a clean face. You need to apply a light moisturizer, prior to putting on makeup. Moisturizer will ensure that your foundation will glide on smoothly and evenly, thus reducing that cakey look.

Conceal and Hide, Contouring and Shading

It is all the rage to use concealer to hide circles under the eyes or to go all out to sculpt the face with highlighting and shading. But if used with a heavy hand, or the wrong shade, the effect might look garish instead of beautiful under natural light. The best way forward is to use a light touch for concealers and to skip the contouring all together in your everyday makeup. Spread concealer only in areas that need coverage. Choose a shade just one shade lighter than your skin tone, and apply evenly at the under eye area. As most of us have yellow in our skin, chose a yellow based concealer instead of pink tone.

Start with the Right Foundation

Some women apply too much, and some too little. Just the right amount of foundation in the best texture for your skin type will really bring out the beauty of your skin. Foundation serves to even out color and hide blemishes. As a general guide if you have dry skin, do try out fluid foundation. Some formulas even contain antiaging ingredients. Women with dry skin should not use two way cake foundation, as the powder tend to creep into fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

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