Makeup Blunders That Are Making You Look Tired

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Makeup Blunders That Are Making You Look Tired


You can skip powder if you have dry skin. Too much powder on dry skin in an air-conditioned environment will result in a cakey look. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, a light dusting of loose powder will help to lessen the shine and make the makeup last longer.

Too Much Eye Liner

Another common mistake is to use too much eye liner. Once you are past a certain age, too much eye liner looks dated. For instance, black liquid eye liner used only on the bottom lash line looks too harsh. A better way would be to use a black/grey pencil and focus on the corners of the upper and lower lash line. Blend / smudge it precisely to get the effect of wider looking eyes.

Shimmery Makeup

Shimmers and glitter makeup look best on young skin. Best to skip shimmery eyeshadow as they can make eyes look tired.

Lipstick and Lip Liner

If you use lip liner, the pencil liner should not look obvious. It’s safest to choose a lip liner color as close to your natural lip shade as possible. The lip liner should be blended into the lip stick.

Applying Blusher in the Wrong Area

A common mistake is to apply blusher too high or too low on the cheek, or to apply a blusher color that is too bright. The desired look is to look naturally rosy, as if you have been enjoying lots of fresh air. To add a warm glow, choose a natural blush color and apply to the ‘apples’ of your cheeks. Blend up towards the hairline then downwards to soften the color.

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