5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work

Top 5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work

5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work

If you are familiar with this problem, the first step is to reconsider your diet. Adjusting your daily meal plan, is a simpler and healthier way to get rid of acne.

Let’s start with the main reasons for the formation of acne, diet-related:

  • Late redemption of toxins in your body. Thus gastro-intestinal tract activates their excretion through the pores of the skin
  • Excessive consumption of refined foods including sugar, stimulates the production of sebum, which is clogging the pores

When developing a special program to improve the health of the body, nutritionists included 5 Acne-Fighting Foods that can affect the health of the skin


Water is the first and the best solution to prevent acne

Your daily minimum should be at least 8 glasses of water, not including soup, watery fruits or other beverages. Natural water is useful because it is structured. Structured water replaces the damaged structure water inside your body. With constant use of high-quality natural water, the skin cells are updated and your body is purified and energetically charged. Therefore, can he cope with infections and viruses.

In no case do not drink carbonated beverages. Carbon dioxide itself is not harmful, but it irritates the stomach lining and kills the intestinal microflora.

Top 5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work

5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work


Olive oil is a unique product with many advantages. A special value of it is that it is a natural source of healthy essential fatty acids. To begin, you must make sure that you are using pure extra virgin olive oil, this oil must be organic. Olive oil promotes health and clears the skin from acne and is suitable for all skin types. For some, this may seem a bit strange to use oil on oily skin, but this type of treatment is proven.

At night before going to bed, take a spoon of olive oil and pour it into any small container. Dip a few fingers into the oil and rub them against each other to warm it up. Begin to rub oil in your face, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Take a clean towel, dip it in hot water, and then squeeze the excess water out of it and apply to your face. Then take a sponge and remove this oil. Once your skin is dry, dip your fingers in the remaining olive oil and rub a small amount into the skin of the face. This will help your skin stay moisturized after exposure to water. You also can add the olive oil in your food, for the exposure on your skin from inside the body.


Through numerous studies, Indian, Chinese and Japanese scientists have found that green tea is the perfect remedy for acne. Green tea has anti-inflammatory effect. It neutralizes all the bacteria on the skin that cause acne, reduces redness, inflammation and irritation on the face, soothes and tones the skin.

There are some simple methods of treatment of the skin with green tea:

Drink a few cups of tea a day for healing the body from within. But remember that the tea should be drunk without sugar, because sugar is able to neutralize all the benefits of green tea. The following method will soothe the skin and neutralizes all the bacteria that cause acne. Brew green tea, and then strain. Then take a napkin folded several times, soak it in green tea and a place for a while to cleansed face. Do not rinse, just let the skin dry.

Top 5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work

5 Acne-Fighting Foods That Actually Work


These Acne-Fighting Foods are the best sources of selenium, which plays a vital role in the health of skin cells. Selenium helps to repair damaged skin cells and prevents acne. The nuts contain omega-3 oils that make the skin very smooth and silky. Including these products in your meal plan, you get rid of acne and rejuvenate your skin.

You can also make a similar masks with walnut oil and wheat germ oil, like with olive oil. Wheat germ oil has vitamins A, B, D, E, zinc, iron, selenium, and numerous other trace elements. It calms the skin and reduces inflammation in the problem areas, helping them to mature faster, then stimulates a regeneration. Walnut contains valuable vitamins A, B, C and E, and its oil-base has a set of trace elements. Walnut oil also has a unique anti-aging, regenerating, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing effect.


Meat and fish are essential sources of protein, which should be definitely include to your daily meals. The consumption of protein-rich foods is an excellent prevention in the fight against acne. It is better to choose lean meats such as chicken and turkey. Eat it boiled or steamed, but not fried. As for the fish, the best choice is steamed red fish.

Adding these Acne-Fighting Foods to your diet, as well as ingredients for face masks, will help to preserve youth, beauty and health of the skin. You can be sure, you will soon notice that acne has ceased to annoy you!

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