Step Up Your Fitness: 20-Minute Workout At Home

20-Minute Workout At Home

20-Minute Workout At Home

Are you feeling too self-conscious or busy to face the gym? Turn your home into a body magic zone with this simple stair session – 20 minutes and you’re done!

Would you be surprised if we said you have everything you need to do a full workout at home, right now?  Stairs are a brilliant place to exercise – walking up and down them blasts calories and tones your legs, or you can use them like gym equipment. Even better, you can fit in a workout whenever you’ve got a spare few minutes. The 20-minute workout routine includes weight-bearing exercises that raise your metabolism, build muscle strength, increase bone density, improve balance and more. So, what are you waiting for? Step to it!

Before you start your 20-minute workout

Even though you’re at home, wear trainers and comfy clothes to avoid slipping or injury, and drink some water. Repeat each exercise 12-15 times, take a 10-second breather, then repeat once or twice more if you can. Feel like you could do a bit more? Some of the exercises have a more challenging version to try. For the perfect all-over fitness boost, do the whole 20-minute workout set twice a week plus two 30-minute cardio sessions, such as walking, Zumba or swimming. →

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