3 Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Right Away

Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Right Away

3 Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Right Away

Each person has its own individual set of unconscious and behavioral acts. We are all well aware of the negative effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs, it makes no sense to mention it. But still there are plenty of the usual automated actions that also bring you a tangible harm. Our body has a large enough spare resources, but you should nevertheless gradually get rid of these 3 Harmful Habits until they have had their negative impact.


Our eating habits have changed radically in recent decades. Eating food while keeping hands on the phone, watching movies, working, reading books or playing games… the multitasking has become common. And this is immediately combine several negative aspects:

Don’t read negative information while eating or watch movies that cause any type of vivid emotions. All of these activities during the meal are turning off visual, olfactory and gustatory reflex which affects a food processing.

As well as, improper food processing, it can affect your brain. People who engaged heavily in multitasking activities felt great, but their results were much worse than that of people who didn’t multitask.

Moreover, people who eat while distracted – consume more at the time. So if you don’t care about previous reasons, you might be afraid that it can lead to your rapid weight gain. Distracted or hurried eaters don’t pay attention to food and are not as aware of how much they have eaten. Slowing down and savoring your food can help you control your intake.

3 Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Right Away - Multitasking

3 Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Right Away


How to pass the time in the city, if the road takes a few hours? Surely, it’s better to spending time with benefits, listening to music or audio books. Few people know that our auditory organ is designed to hear the whisper of up to 6-7 meters, and in the absolute silence of normal hearing can catch the whisper of up to 20 meters. Unfortunately, the truth is that the loud music destroying this unique hearing ability.

The noise is damaging the stereocilia: tiny hairs that sit on the top of hair cells in the inner ear. It makes them vibrate, which then sends chemical messages through nerves to the brain. Battering your stereocilia will damage your hearing. All the parts of our acoustic analyzer is a slim, sophisticated tool, whose cells are killed permanently by the negative impact of loud noise, sounding not from outside but in our head. These cells do not recover ever! Lowering the hearing can take place gradually and imperceptible, and will manifest later during the age-related changes.

Of course you won’t stop listen to music on headphones, but try not to listen to music for hours and at full volume. You can also pick a quality noise-canceling headphones that go over the ear. Since these headphones work better at blocking out outside noise, you won’t have to listen to your music as loudly.


It seems that it’s a common comfortable sitting position, but the manner of sitting crossing your legs is very harmful for the spine, as it violates its natural physiological position. The spine allows you to bend as you like, so you don’t even think about how it can be harmful to your body.

Crossing your legs increases the pressure on your veins that are responsible for returning blood back to your heart causing spider veins. Also, this position can temporarily cause your blood pressure to go up and pressure on the major nerve in your leg.


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