6 Simple Steps to Boost Immunity

Eat Clean Boost Immunity

6 Simple Steps to Boost Immunity

Eat clean:

When the temperature drops, we tend to hibernate and eat more ‘naughty’ foods but cleaning up your diet and ensuring you get good, regular nourishment can help boost your immune system significantly.

Reduce refined sugar intake, processed cheese and dairy, and instead opt for meals that are rich in spices like turmeric, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Studies show that diets rich in olive oil to be beneficial for the immune system.

Ensure you avoid foods that you are allergic or intolerant to, such as gluten, as food sensitivities can diminish the effectiveness of probiotics to strengthen the immune system.

Keep moving:

In the colder months, keeping active is essential. Taking a pass on exercise may increase your risk of catching a cold, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Medicine. Researchers found the incidence of colds were lower in people who worked out 5 days a week for 45 minutes.

Make an effort to get out outside for some clean, fresh air and warm sunshine. If it’s too cold to get outside and exercise, try yoga or a group fitness class.

Drink plenty of fluids:

Water helps to flush out harmful toxins in your body, including those nasty germs. By keeping your body well-hydrated, you can help it fight any harmful viruses and stave off colds for longer. Drinking adequate amounts of water ensures that your cells get all of the oxygen they need to function and that your kidneys are able to get rid of waste properly. If you’re dehydrated, waste products will build up in the bloodsteam and weaken your immune system. Studies show that a mere 2% loss in hydration can decrease your immunity.

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