Dry Fasting: The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days

Dry Fasting The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days

Dry Fasting- The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3 Days

Dry fasting recently gaining popularity in the fight against excess weight.

Dry fasting is not only a refusal of food, but also the reduction of fluid intake. The advantage of dry fasting over the standard method of water fasting, is that the body has to break down its own fat and destroy abnormal tissue more actively, due to stringent conditions. During this diet, you lose one to three kilograms daily. That is why such a diet is considered extreme and suitable only completely healthy people.


During dry fasting the body is not receiving any food or water, that means no influx of energy from outside. it is forced to produce energy and water endogenously, within yourself. That is why all the processes of digestion of fats and micronutrients increased tenfold. The body begins to occur unusual chemical reactions to changes the metabolic processes. During dry fasting, the body primarily support livelihoods due to fat stores. Adipose tissue is destroyed very efficiently, and never regains its original volume. Our body is very hard going through this process.

This method of losing weight does not fit people who are prone to depression, otherwise they can not avoid a protracted depression after the diet. It should be understood that the dry fasting is more rigid procedure which is strongly violates the mental state. Therefore, the method of dry fasting at home for more than 2-3 days is dangerous for your health.


There are two types – hard and soft. During hard dry fasting you can not even brush your teeth and wash. Soft method removes ban on the lack of hygiene, only prohibits the use of any liquid inside. During the entire period, you must ventilate the room, or better yet take a walk in the fresh air, do physical and breathing exercises as often as possible. The body requires periodic physical activity and oxygen.

Keep in mind that the dry fasting is not used for more than three days. It is dangerous for your life!


Dry FastingAt first, the body need to examine for the presence of the diseases in which prohibited to use this method of weight loss. Two weeks before the appointed day of fasting you need to eliminate coffee, sugar, meat, fruits and alcohol. Sugar can be replaced with honey, but in moderate doses. You can eat fish, dried fruits, berries and mushrooms. You can also eat cooked poultry meat or white meat. And do not forget about herbal teas, eggs and dairy products. But a week before the appointed day you need to go entirely on herbal ingredients.

An hour before the appointed time, you need to have a good meal, and then the next hour drinking only water with lemon and honey. Last sip of liquid is the beginning of the diet. Absolute accuracy is crucial. You definitely should mark the day and hour of the beginning of dry fasting, to end the diet exactly at the same time.

After the end of dry fast the body becomes pure, so then, it is necessary to eat only clean, fresh, high quality products without any pathogenic organisms.

To stop this kind of diet, you need to start your meal with a sip of water, then eat a light foods in small portions every hour for 3-4 hours. Then, you can proceed to a full meal, but not high-calorie and heavy foods.

The first two days after the dry fast it is necessary to drink only pure water and eat fresh protein foods of animal origin. You can not eat raw foods such as raw milk, raw vegetables and fruits, and raw foods of plant origin. During dry fasting lasting about a day, special preparation and strict way out are not required. However, the first meal after dry fasting should be moderate.

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