Flat-Ab Foods To Eat & Delete + Tummy-Tuck Easy Diet

The path to fabulous abs begins at your plate. From foods with toning and trimming powers to sneaky ingredients that add centimeters, here’s Flat-Ab Foods you should eat and foods to delete, also get the tummy-tuck easy diet at the end.

Flat-Ab Foods To Eat (1)

Flat-Ab Foods To Eat & Delete + Tummy-Tuck Easy Diet

Food To Delete

• Sugar

This is one of your biggest flat-ab foes! Cut out fructose (in fruit juices, fizzy drinks, energy drinks and natural sweeteners such as honey and agave syrup) and sugar alcohols (in sugarfree gums, mints and sweets). The bacteria present in the large intestine ferment these sugars, which causes flatulence and bloating.

• Salt

A sprinkle is fine, but excess makes you puff up and retain water around the middle. Most of us eat twice as much as we should. You should try to eat no more than 1 500mg a day – that’s between ½ and ¾ of a teaspoon.

•  ‘Windy’ Foods

Cabbage, cauliflower, onions and legumes like chickpeas, baked beans and kidney beans are known as ‘windy’ foods, as our bodies take longer to digest these, resulting in a build-up of wind and bloating.

• Packaged Foods

Make a point of avoiding anything that comes out of a tin, can or bottle. Processed foods such as flour, white rice, pasta, sugary cereals and salty snacks are loaded with sodium, which is commonly used as a preservative to increase the shelf life of packaged foods. This high sodium content leads to water retention and to bloating.

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