It’s Time to Supercharge Your Immunity

Supercharge Your Immunity

Supercharge Your Immunity

Incorporating vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredients into your meal planning is your body’s best defense to keep you ahead of common bugs. Check out the easiest solutions to help you boost your immunity and feel your best this winter season:

If you’re aiming to sail through winter without so much as a sniffle, eating a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet will help boost your immunity and build up your internal defenses. Are you one of those people who, every winter without fail, ends up in bed with the flu? If so, one of the first places to examine is your diet, to ensure that it’s not Leaving you vulnerable to nasty bugs. Immunity is your body’s natural defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Considered to be the holy grail of health, a strong immune system can help fight cold, cough and chest congestion, as well as protect against more serious diseases and ailments. To supercharge your body’s first line of defense, consume plenty of immune-boosting foods in your diet to build and maintain a strong immune system.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help keep colds and flus at bay by enhancing your immune system’s functioning and increasing the production of necessary antibodies and white blood cells, key components to warding off infections. To up your intake of vitamin C, consume citrus fruits; in winter, they’re wildly abundant and inexpensive. Other sources of vitamin C are berries, broccoli, parsley, cabbage, capsicum and dark, leafy greens. A simple way to get a high-speed injection of vitamin C is to make a smoothie with oranges as a base. Throw in a handful of berries, leafy greens and a good squeeze of Lime.

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