The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe To Help You Get Slim

Smoothie is a dietary mixture that retains all the vitamins and fiber of its ingredients. It will become an essential part of your healthy diet. Eating the fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of flavonoids (antioxidant) will help you avoid weight gain.

Find out The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe to Help You Get Slim:


The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe To Help You Get Slim (1)

The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe To Help You Get Slim – WMN ISSUE

The one thing everyone should learn is to never add to any smoothie mix, the sugar and salt. In the extreme case, instead of salt can be added a powder of dried seaweed, which will enrich the dish with iodine and give it a salty taste. For sweet smoothie taste can be added a honey. The second thing is – do not drink cold smoothies. Taste buds do not have time to recognize the food and its properties when it is cold, and you won’t feel saturated.

If you’re doing it right, this healthy drink will fully nourish your body from the inside, moisturizes the skin with the help of vitamins and minerals and protect against many diseases. Even psychologists argue that the smoothie is the best anti-stress drink.

Fill your next breakfast with flavonoids with this smoothie from Health’s nutrition pro, Cynthia Sass. In a blender, combine:

¼ cup each chopped apple, navel orange, strawberries, celery, green bell pepper, tomato and blueberries;

then add ½ cup brewed black tea and a small, peeled baby beet;
¼ large avocado (or ½ small avocado) and ¼ cup chickpea flour;
also add 1 tablespoon honey and ½ teaspoon freshly grated ginger root.

Blend until smooth. For an extra flavonoid boost, stir in a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder after pouring.

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