Functional Wooden Shelves By Henry Julier

Elbow Shelves By Henry Julier Functional Wooden Shelves

Functional Wooden Shelves By Henry Julier. Elbow Shelves. Photographer: Alex Contell

Elbow shelves are informal wall-mounted shelves for keeping small items and special objects at hand, or on display. Each shelf has a two-way keyhole allowing you to hang them up or down. 6, 9 and 15-inch lengths afford a variety of uses. The construction of the shelves, two sections of wood joined at the ‘elbow’ by a third, is visible when viewing the shelf from the side.

Designer: Henry Julier. Photographer: Alex Contell

Magneto Modular Shelf System By Henry Julier

Magneto Modular Shelf System By Henry Julier. Functional Wooden Shelves

Magneto is a modular shelf system that uses powerful neodymium magnets (hidden beneath the surface of the wood) to adhere each shelf to a metal panel.

HS1 is a shelving system designed to be versatile enough for any room in your home. At the heart of the system is a unique bracket which combines two important but often separated functions; shelf support and bookend. When combined with wood rails and planks, a refreshingly functional shelving system is born.

Designer: Henry Julier. Photographer: Brian W. Ferry

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