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‘I believe in the person I want to become.’

Social networks today – one of the brightest indicators of what is interesting to millions. You probably know people who will not start to eat their food until they make a photo for their instagram. Or those who keeps a diary of all activities of the day for publication, to show everyone what kind of an interesting life he or she lives. In your feed you can see the perfect representation of the person you follow who appears to be living the perfect life. And you wonder how much of it is real, and how much of it is fake?

‘It’s no longer a place where we share real moments anymore.’ says @socalitybarbie


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‘There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.-C.S. Lewis’

I don’t know who’s the first found and published an article about this new sensational account of Socality Barbie, but only in the last week the network has hundreds of publications on this topic, from Vogue and Huffington Post finishing every blogger and every funny and entertainment sites.

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‘One day at a Times’

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‘Hipster Backpack: $200 @sackclothxashes Blanket: $99 Plane ticket to San Diego: $311 Hotel 3 night Stay: $225. Getting to be a part of a true Insta-Community: freaking expensive.’

@socalitybarbie account was created by anonymous wedding photographer from Portland, who makes fun of the whole hipster pop culture of Instagram, to struggle with the mass and uniformity of contemporary culture.

The creator of  Socality Barbie explains that … →

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