10 Plus-Size Models Who Are Changing The Face of Fashion


Barbara Ferreira is a 18 years old Brazilian model, born and raised in New York City. When she was in high school she decided to take matters in to her own hands and sent in some pictures to American Apparel to see if she could model for them, though she didn’t really know if they hired plus size girls.

Ferreira belongs to a generation of young creatives who are sick and tired of the ‘beach body ready’ cliche.

‘Everyone is sick of one type of beauty, it’s 2015. People can be cool and edgy at 5’2 or a size 16.’ ‘Everywhere we go we are told we aren’t enough. Not young enough, not thin enough, not sexy enough.’ ‘We don’t have to change our bodies to suit your sexual preferences. Women are not put on this earth to please you.’

And she is right. Fast forward to today, she is a role model for young girls the world over.

‘I think a lot of girls see me as a role model because at 18, I have found peace with myself and seem like I have everything figured out. Trust me, I don’t. I’m a teenager just like everyone else but I am here for anyone who needs me.’

Barbara is currently modeling, acting, in the process of pitching a radio show with her best friends. She is modeling professionally just a couple of months, since she has signed with Wilhelmina agency. She already has appeared in the most progressive magazines such as: Wonderland, Seventeen Magazine, Nylon, Bullett, Lula Magazine, Frische Magazine, Frank 151, Oyster, and had an interviews with i-D Magazine and Teen Vogue.

She’s plus size and proud of it, she said to i-D magazine: ‘The words ‘curvy’ and ‘plus size’ have no connotation to me other than beautiful thick women. It is what I am and I’m not ashamed of it.’

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