10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis

Take advantage of all the energy you have in your 20s, and learn these 10 Things To Avoid Midlife Crisis. From 20 to 30 is the perfect time to find out what kind of a person you want to be, both personally and professionally. Spend those years with the maximum benefit, in order to become a successful and happy person for a lifetime. Regrets aren’t bad, but repeatedly regretting is. You have a long way to go. Just start with something small and slowly let in the rest to your life. Even if at least half of the list becomes a habit, life after 30 will be much more pleasant.


There are two kinds of people: some look back, the other looking forward. People who look back constantly looking for reasons to regret and miss the chances. For people who look only forward, life is an opportunity to grow and learn, every failure is a lesson, not a cause for regret.


Do not compare your achievements with the achievements of others. Gain experience, and draw inspiration from wise and successful people. But do not try to be like someone else. So you never feel that you have achieved something. You can only be in competition with yourself. Each person is unique and has it own path. Follow the one that is yours. Live your mind and don’t do something just because allegedly ‘must’. Listen to the advice, but don’t follow them blindly. Don’t be afraid that someone will judge you for your decisions. Your life belongs to you and no one else.

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis (2)3. WRITE DOWN ALL YOU GOALS

Usually, we want a lot, but we are not able to adequately analyze and formulate our desires. We get hung up on the fact that we don’t have the opportunity to do things we love, or we have not enough money, and a large number of life circumstances. The questions like ‘what I want?’ and ‘what I can?’ creates a mess in your head. In consequence of which, you have ceased to understand what you really want.

Turn off the brain and briefly abstract from your current life situation. Imagine that you have a substantial sum of money for example. That is, the possibility is already here, nothing and no one stops you to choose how you want to live, you can afford everything you want.

If you have ambition, and you do not select an option of a rich slacker, then try to imagine your ideal life in 5, 10 and 20 years.

If you have already decided on your goal, disassemble in reverse order, review all alleged steps that you will have to pass on the way to achieving this goal. To make your dream did not remain just a dream, write down everything.

Write plans and dreams, how to reach them, and development options, write down every detail, with passion and desire. Over time, you’ll get a complete picture of your desired future, which will seem very close and real. This will inspire you and help you to go through life with confidence.


Increase your skills, ask questions and listen to intelligent people. Never hesitate to share thoughts and ideas and to express your opinion. Join the important projects that develop culture or innovations.

Learn one or more foreign languages. Don’t miss the available free courses or lectures. You will surely learn something, meet interesting people and have forged many useful contacts. Be involved in what is happening in the world. If you follow the news, you will have more chances to find the work of your life, or understand where you are in demand. Never stop learning and never stop in your personal growth. You’ll be amazed, how the pursuit of knowledge will contribute your life and career.

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis5. READ AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

The best way to learn is to read. With reading you can self teach and self discover. Reading teaches us about different cultures, understanding different people, situations and views. You will learn the beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround you. It will expand your mind and will help you think outside your own experience.


Nothing can replace the unique experiences of traveling. While traveling, you will see the many wonders of the world, different people and cultures. It will let you open your mind to a new things and will get to experience the life in different ways.

Traveling increases your knowledge and widens your perspective. New experiences increase your resourcefulness by living situations you would never encounter at home. You will discover a lot about yourself.

If you’re feeling stuck on what you want to do with your life, go travel! You might just be surprised about what you discover as a new sense of life and direction.


At first, take care of your nervous system. Do not let every little thing irritates you. Stop afraid of something, or doing something wrong. Your stress itself could be making you sick. Also, good sleep has the most positive effect on your health and performance. You will have a lot of energy and effort to work more effectively. Adjust your food intake, walk a lot and visit the gym. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Go to the doctor on time, or better yet, from time to time, check your overall health.

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis (1)

10 Things You Should Learn In Your 20s To Avoid Midlife Crisis


Analyze your expenses and you clearly understand that many things have no need. Create a platform for the realization of your dreams, and don’t waste your money on trifles. Get the gifts from life in the form of impressions, not things.


Learn to be loyal, honest and fair to others. Be nice and tolerant. These qualities will warm everyone’s heart and enrich your life. Make new friends and take care of people who are close to you. Remember that, the more love you give, the more love you’ll get.


Spend at least half an hour a day alone. No phone or computer, no SMS, and social networking – just you. Learn to listen to yourself, to analyze your behavior and experience. Evaluate your failures. You can make mistakes, but learn the lessons. More failures – more new experiences. Do not let pride or vanity blind you on your way to your dream. You are still too young to know everything. Each week, look back. Ask yourself: what should be changed so that all feel better next week?

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