5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May & October

INDONESIA 5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May and October

5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May and October


The nature of the Indonesian islands has created cloud-swept mountains swathed in the green of rice terraces and rainforests. Indonesia is home to no less than 167 active volcanoes, tropical forests, wonderful beaches, an incredibly diverse wildlife and an extraordinarily wide range of bird species.

Indonesia has no spring, summer, fall, or winter, just two seasons: rainy and dry, the dry season is April to October, while the wet season is November to March. It is a premier destination for travelling surfers and scuba divers. Bali, a small island of beautiful temples and verdant landscapes, is the most popular destination of Indonesia. Bali is Asia’s spa capital, and home to more than 20 of the world’s best spas.

Panoramic view from old mission on Mount Freres, Mahe, Seychelles

5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May and October


The white sandy beaches of Seychelles are surrounded by clear blue waters of Indian Ocean. Many of the beaches are untouched and are refreshingly uncrowded. They offer clear blue skies and a tranquility you will rarely find somewhere else. The granitic islands of Seychelles are home to about 75 plant species and the scenery along the hike is just breathtaking.

The warm Indian Ocean waters make Seychelles the perfect place for the water sports lovers. The climate is equable although quite humid, as the islands are small. From May to October is the most pleasant time of the year. Languages spoken in the Seychelles are Seychellois Creole, English and French. No visa is required for all nationalities.


With its best weather from May to mid-October, Italy has much to offer on a cultural level. This is the land of delicious meals, heady wines, olive trees, sheer cliffs, lovely beaches, medieval-landscape views and Renaissance treasures that will leave you feeling totally inspired. Italy is a true food lovers paradise. Italian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world and, in any region, or even village you go, there are different specialities.

Besides beautiful scenery and mouthwatering dishes, Italy is a great place for shopping. If you plan to stay in Italy for a short time, it is better to decide in advance how you would like to spend time there. The choice is very rich, and it all depends on your personal preferences. But no matter what kind of activity you choose, you will be pleased with the time in Italy. The Italians are a passionate people. They have a zest and a lust for life. You will never regret that chose this country, because you will get a lot of positive emotions.


5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May and October


Golden sand beaches of the The Dominican Republic are perfect for lazy stretching out in the sun, enjoying spectacular Caribbean sunsets and gentle sea breezes. Besides, here you have a choice – the city beach, beaches near jungles or peaceful isolated spots.

The Dominican Republic wins the title of top adventure and ecotourism destination in the Caribbean, because of its nature’s variety – rivers, lakes, rainforests, mountains and waterfalls. The country offers the most beautiful beaches for snorkeling, surfing and kiteboarding. You can also take your pick of kayaking, sailing trips, catamaran trips or party boats. The Dominican Republic’s party calendar is a busy one, mostly in the capital city Santo Domingo. But in general, this is the place for those who seeking a relaxing vacation.

Cyprus Cape Greco

5 Countries With Perfect Weather Between May and October


Cyprus holidays are among the most popular in the Mediterranean, because of its sandy beaches, peaceful mountains, UNESCO-listed churches, ancient ruins, and of course hot party life. The legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, best visited from May to September.

The southern and eastern parts of Cyprus attracts a huge number of tourists. During the peak months you can expect loud music and parties all day and night. The cities are filled with restaurants, night clubs and shops. The North Cyprus is the perfect place to experience tranquil island life. The summer days here, perfect for relaxing by the beach or swimming pool with family.


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