The first days at a new job is a huge stress and you’ll be faced with both difficulties and opportunities. New office, new colleagues, new responsibilities,  it takes time to get used to all of these changes. Your employers understand this and give a breaks for beginners. At the same time, the opinion typically based on the first impression, and then it is difficult to change. So, here’s the short guide to surviving your first days working at a new job:

The easiest way to leave a good impression is punctuality. During the first days come to work a little earlier and go later, you will create the impression of a responsible person, people can rely on. Calculate travel time from home to the office and do not forget to throw 10-20% of the time for unforeseen circumstances. There’s nothing that can affect your reputation faster than coming into work late or leaving work early. Office workers always notice that and discuss the working hours of each other.

You may feel bad, but try to avoid the emergencies during the first months on the new job. All people understand that anything could happen, but when it happens, it’s annoying.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, no one expects you to solve all the company’s biggest problems during your first days. Take the initiative, let your enthusiasm for being part of the team. Express interest in moving ahead and ask what else you can be doing to get to the next step.

Try to remember the names of your new colleagues,  be nice and avoid conflicts. If you are in a situation in which you forget a person’s name, the best solution is simply to apologize and ask the name again. No one expects you to have everyone’s name remembered by the end of the first day.

Dress the way you want to be perceived by others. Stay away from rumors and discussions of your colleagues’ lifestyle or personal life. Stay focused on work, keep your personal business away from your workplace.

Attend after-hour activities with your co-workers, it will help you faster understand the people you work with. Never drink more than one drink, and do not talk too much about yourself, in the early months it is better to watch and analyze.

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