20 Proven Tips For Making Your Marriage Last

20 Proven Tips For Making Your Marriage Last

20 Proven Tips For Making Your Marriage Last

1. Love and accept your husband, as he is, with a small flaws and mistakes. Do not try to change him. Learn to compromise. Do not be angry with your husband’s habits that you don’t like, don’t shout or raise panic.

2. Two things that you need to show him as little as possible: the tears and your true character.

3. Do not rush to say that this is your man until you survive the loss, the victory and home repair.

4. Don’t forget to say the words of gratitude. Whatever your husband makes, it should be rewarded. Tell him that he is the most intelligent and strong, hug him, kiss, and he will want to prove it to you again and again, only to hear those magic words.

5. If he doesn’t understand what do you want from him, explain everything exactly, without any hints and long conversations. Men just can’t handle and understand all the long women’s monologues, so try to explain everything in a simple way.

6. If your husband is going to make or already made some stupid thing, it is better not to comment, if it’s certainly not some evil and despicable act. He probably knows what you’re thinking about this, and will appreciate the fact that you’re not going to remind him about it.

7. Do not try to deprive him of his personal space. Let him do his personal affairs. Your husband should have time for himself, just like you need time for your hobbies or beauty routine. From time to time, let him meet with friends without you. You, in turn, can meet with your friends at this time and have fun.

8. You should be aware of all the problems, interests and hobbies of your husband. Keep a conversation with him, asking about work, successes, failures and carefully listen to him. Your husband needs to know that you’re interested in what he does and what he thinks.

9. Do not get too smart in front of his friends or his boss with the expectation that they will come to a conclusion that he is incredibly lucky guy, to have such a clever wife. Not all women know how to strike a balance, so ‘being too smart’ usually has the opposite effect. You just need to look good and be intelligent enough to maintain an interesting conversation. And a sense of humor is always a plus.

10. The good wife is always friendly with those who can improve the self-esteem of her husband. But you should never flirt with his friends and do not make him superfluous remarks in the presence of other people.

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