Being Clever vs Being Wise: Learn the Difference

Being Clever vs Being Wise

Being Clever vs Being Wise: Learn the Difference

If you think about the fact that it is time to become wiser, it usually means that your virile mind is not conducive to building relationships with the people around. Of course, experience is the true cornerstones of wisdom. Wise people are like sponges, they are able to see the world through a different lens, managing crisises, soaking up lessons for their personal growth. It is necessary to achieve the right balance – to show your brain, when it’s needed, to be naturally modest, tolerant and flexible with people. Learn the Difference between. Being Clever vs Being Wise Rules:

Clever woman, who with all the forces trying to become wise person, feeling a fear that others will think she is foolish, if she does not express her opinion that she certainly have, in any situation. She’s bothered about the consequences of her own actions and other people’s opinion.

First of all, do not try to change someone. No one is perfect, you need to accept people as they are, with all the advantages and disadvantages. You have to be adjusted positively, constructively, to be able to negotiate and avoid conflicts. To prove something to yourself, is more important than to prove your truth to someone. Look at situations from another perspective and learn the difference between clever and wise woman:

When a clever woman, detects a mistake that her man made, she will definitely tell him about it, recalled, that she had warned him about it. And we all knowns that angry words hit hard, but even worse is that you will never take them back.

A wise woman will support, embolden, sometimes even pretend that she did not notice anything. And it does not mean that you are soft or boneless, responding that way you maintain a good relationship.

At the time of difficulty, a clever woman will take the reins and teach her man to live right. But you can’t make him feel foolish and unnecessary, and then ask him to change something from his side.

A wise woman subtly shows her man the direction, and support him to reach this intention. She knows the importance of speaking life. If you love him: believe in him, encourage him and be his peace. You shouldn’t use only your brain. God gave women femininity and intuition. If use it properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man.

At work, a clever woman will try to be better than others, and not to make mistakes. Thus, the majority of her colleagues will notice that, and will hate her obsession.

A wise woman will be doing the job, definitely good, maybe even better than anyone, but she is smart enough to create a warm atmosphere with the team.

Clever woman will fight with the influence of her mother in law, to assert her independence.

A wise woman will silently listen and smile in response, because, anyway she will go her own way. The trick is just to accept people, whatever they are, and not to react with negativity.

Clever woman will actively participate in the lives of her adult children, to give them advice that no one asked and tell them about how to raise their children.

A wise woman will allow her children to get their experience and will support in any situation.

Clever woman wants to change the world and people around.
A wise woman will begin to change herself, and accept others as they are.

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