Do Guys Actually Like Cuddling?

Do Guys Actually Like Cuddling

Do Guys Actually Like Cuddling?

Do Guys Actually Like Cuddling? Or is it just a shortcut to sex? Honest answers from over 500 men in this research. What Men Think:

Let’s start with the word itself. Does cuddling bother you?

No, I don’t really mind it – 87%
Yes, it sounds so juvenile – 13%

What would you rather call it? “Sexdling,” “snuggling,” “loving,” “togetherness,” “huggling,” “trying to get laid.” And do you actually like cuddling, or is it just a means to an end?

I like it – 85%
I do it only because I’m hoping it leads to sex – 15%

Would you cuddle with someone you just started dating, or is it an established-relationship-only thing?

If I’d have sex with her, I’d cuddle with her – 61%
Established relationships only — I don’t want to send the wrong message – 39%

When do you most like to cuddle?

When we’re just hanging out, watching TV – 42%
At night, before we go to sleep – 34%
In the morning, when we wake up – 11%
Only before or after sex, whenever that is – 10%

Spooning: Is it a Do or a Don’t?

Do! It’s a classic for a reason – 79%
Don’t. Whoever says that it is comfortable is lying – 21%

And if you had to choose: Would you prefer to be the big spoon or the little spoon?

Big spoon! – 71%
Little spoon! – 29%

Do you like cuddling through the night while you sleep?

Yes, I like feeling her next to me all night – 57%
No. I need space to actually fall asleep – 43%

What does it really mean if a guy says, “I just want to cuddle”?

He’s lying — he still wants to get laid – 71%
He’s not that into you – 29%

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