How To Make Love Work For You

How To Make Love Work For You

How To Make Love Work For You

The fundamentals of a successful partnership and a few handy hints on how to make love work for you! So, what ingredients form a strong romantic relationship?

The basic mixture comprises a large helping of love and generous servings of trust, openness and a willingness to share. Add a sprinkling of compromise, a dash of adventure, a drizzle of curiosity and a little flexibility. Whisk it together and turn it into a dish coated with appreciation and clear communication. Leave it to warm in the center of your heart, where it should transform into something delicious, delightful, satisfying and sometimes unexpected! If, however, your relationship is turning out more cordon blah than cordon bleu, here are some serving suggestions…

Has life become altogether predictable and routine? Have you stopped growing and challenging each other?

Time to stir things up! Suggest an activity that requires you to see each other differently, like a formal dance or a fancy-dress event. Alternatively, jam-pack your weekend with thrilling activities that you haven’t tried before. Whether it’s sailing, paint balling, jive or tantra, learning and trying new things is essential for you to remain interested in life and for your partner to find you interesting, too.

It’s easy to slip into the trap of only doing the activities that you both enjoy, but keeping up interests outside your relationship is vital. Firstly, it means that you both bring new ideas and energy to the table; secondly you have people to talk to other than your partner, so they don’t feel suffocated; and thirdly it broadens your horizons and offers you new perspectives.

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